Been a long time…


Left a good job in the city.  Thought I was movin’ on up. Now, I’m looking for a new gig but while that happens I thought it might be time to re re re refocus on my blog.

Today’s post is going to be simple. I’m a nerd and a drinker. I love comic books (Silver and Bronze Ages), Marvel, DC and most independents out there. I enjoy Bourbon and the current state of cocktail culture.

Funny story,

I used to LOVE Image Comics (circa 1992) I bought a metric ton of them- the #1’s, Zero Issues, Ashcans, 3-D hologram covers when they came out. Nearly 15 years later, I was tired of owning so many comics that were not worth the initial investment and took up space.

In a fit of creativity, I spent the better part of 5 nights cutting and taping various issues up to part of my ceiling. I tore through the piles of SPAWN, Savage Dragon, Wild C.A.T.S, Youngblood, CyberForce and poorly written -1# Dayglo 3D hologram covers  – picking the panels, pages, and covers that struck me, that rang out to my artist soul.  It was an awesome, cathartic project. I had let go of something I held on to for money and created art. My only annoyance is I never took pictures of the project. My friends have seen it and thought it was spectacular.

Moral of the story- A.B.C.

Always Be Creative.

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