Cockspur Rum or A Thorn by any other name never tasted this good.

Some time ago a few friends and I were given bottles of Cockspur Rum to play with. Usually, I write about Bourbon but I wanted to take another crack at this Rum. Full disclosure – Back in 2014 I wrote about Cockspur Rum for The Alcohol Professor. That said, I won’t rehash the how and where of Cockspur Rums.

The Cockspur Rum brand doesn’t get a lot of press (and that’s a shame). It’s a rock solid Rum – it doesn’t come in 31 flavors or pay an aging Rap star pushing it out in the clubs. Cockspur is a Rum for imbibers who want to enjoy a quality Spirit in their glass. It’s the perfect Rum for any home bar. cockspur_12In fact, if you’ve read The 12 Bottle Bar by David Solmonson and Lesley Jacobs Solmonson, you’ll find Cockspur Fine Rum on the top of their list of Amber Rums to buy (See pg.170). It’s an excellent example of an affordable mid-range Rum. The price point runs $20 – $30 for a 750 ml bottle, making it a splendid (and easy to buy) addition to any home bar. Besides being priced right Cockspur does something that most Rums at the same price point can’t do – Taste delicious. The hints of Vanilla and smooth stone fruits come at you in a mild undercurrent . This Rum has no problem with being subtle on the nose with notes of Oak and Toffee. Sipping it neat you might think you’ve come across a Bourbon – one of the reasons why I like it. Deceptively smooth with the threat of greatness in a glass. An over complicated description for an underrated Rum.

One of the things I missed when I first reviewed this Rum was the name. Cockspur. The brand image on the bottle is of a proud, multi colored Rooster. I get it, the ‘whole cock of the walk‘ thing and it works as an iconic stand alone. But the name Cockspur means more (to me) – – a hawthorn (Crataegus crus-galli) having long straight thorns. I value Cockspur because IT IS a thorn – a thorn in the side of cheap rums with no respect for the wallets or taste bud of consumers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought and drank cheap Rums and paid the price the next day. It all ties into something my Grandfather said to me when we were shopping for my first suit at Syms. He said “Paying more for what you enjoy gets you two things – More better and less cheap.” I apply that rule to almost every stitch of clothing and ounce of booze I buy. Summed up in under 140 characters – Cockspur Rum is affordable premium deliciousness.

No Rum review would be complete without a cocktail (or two) to go with it. The recipes below work best with Cockspur VSOR 12.

A toast for your Rum drinks.

May your ANCHOR be tight,

Your CORK be loose,

Your RUM be spiced,

And your COMPASS be true.

roosevelt-cocktail2THE ROOSEVELT COCKTAIL by Simone Ford

1 3/4 oz. Dark Rum

1⁄2 oz. Dry Vermouth

1⁄4 oz. Fresh Orange juice

1⁄4 tsp.  Sugar

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist.


2 oz. Dark Rum

1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

1 oz. Simple Syrup

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake (shake it like it stole your rent money), and strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.


Till next we drink remeber the wise words…

“If I ever go missing, please put my photo on a Rum bottle, not a milk carton. I want my friends to know I am missing!” -Laurie Manzer



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