Ever vs One: The Battle of The Notes…And this time it’s personal… Almost.

Nothing about Spirits today.
I’m multifaceted. I have other interests.
Today, it’s all about what I use when I write. 8izrGjnLT
The Big Decision:
I use Evernote. Been using it since Day One. I love it. I have it on my all of my devices. Hell, I have it at work in case I get hit with inspiration while I’m doing Arts & Crafts  Accounting.
Evernote announced a BIG change in their pricing system. Among other news…(See TechCrunch)
Besides that I was faced with the following choices…
Staying with Evernote Premium 
Paying $70 a year to use all of its features across all of my devices (1 phone, 2 tablets, 2 computers).
Downgrading to Evernote –
Using it for free but only on 2 devices with most of the prime features stripped away.
Across all of my devices AND getting all the premium services for FREE.
I debated, did some math, Googled it and came to a sad conclusion. I was going to downgrade my account, limit myself to 2 devices and hope it would be enough. As I adjusted my account something interesting caught my eye.
As a long time Evernote member I collected ‘Points‘. I’ve gotten points for using their special features, referring friends to Evernote and so on. Turns out I had enough points (120) to get 1 year of free PREMIUM service.
So, I’m staying with Evernote until 8/5/17. I tell this tale to let others who are using it know that there are options.
Sadly, Evernote NEVER told me I had this option – They did offer me a 50% off deal if I took the Premium package at $35 for the year. Seems odd that they wouldn’t tell me (try to woo me) with the fact that I could get it for free.

I’m not angry at you Evernote just disappointed. Okay, a little angry.

After 8/5/17 I will be looking for a new service.

Maybe I should open a OneNote account today to see if they have a Points program. You never know.
Thank you for your time.
Go back to enjoying your Sunday – Go! Get out of the house it’s gorgeous outside.

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