Seward’s Icebox

Trying something, so bear with me. From the Esquire Handbook for Hosts. The book contains 365 reasons to party like a gentleman (Note I wrote gentleman and not Frat Boy.) Today, Reason # 83. Seward’s Day in Alaska Imagine a time when U.S. and Russian relations were not as volatile. So, let’s jump back to […]

Been a long time…

So- Left a good job in the city.  Thought I was movin’ on up. Now, I’m looking for a new gig but while that happens I thought it might be time to re re re refocus on my blog. Today’s post is going to be simple. I’m a nerd and a drinker. I love comic […]

Bourbon Hat Squad

Reboot 2.0 – Hey, I’m trying. On a hotter than hot Summer day in July I and my new FIB (Friend in Booze), Hazel had the pleasure of attending a Spirited Event.   I.W. Harper  held a tasting at one of the best hat shops in Manhattan, The Goorin Bros. We got to taste a new (for […]

The Manners Manifesto 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

So, a few weeks ago I restated my blog. I wanted to focus on the things I love, booze, NYC and everything nerdy. With that, I started writing. I found myself in familiar waters. – This spirit is good and here’s why. Blather, blather and blah. This bar rocks and here’s why. Yammer, yammer, yamma. […]

Where have all the manners gone…

I need the general drinking populus to read this piece very carefully. We ( the members of the Spirits & Food communities ) need you to learn from and use the follow information. Like the whale hunters of old, your callous behavior is threatening something we all love – The open bars, brand launches & cocktail competitions. […]